Flip Features

Fare Calculator

Fare calculator calculates fare based on Source and Destination address, it owns clear & transparent pricing. Even provides with estimated fares before they start their ride

Promo/Referral code

Promo code is a unique number which makes your customer's travel fare pretty less. You can also share the code among your friends and enjoy referral bonus from both ends


You can pay your cab fare by wallet at the end of your travel

Show nearby cars

Using this option the user can make sure which cars are accessible to them & get connected


This will let a user know the exact time he will board the cab

Rating System

You can rate the driver at the end of your travel

About Us

We are a company specialized in software and application development. When all software packages in your hand no longer meet the increasingly complex industry and IT needs of your growing business, it’s time to call the custom software development innovators at NGN. Our experienced engineers will ignite their imaginations and draw on their problem-solving creativity to deliver custom software development initiatives that power and support sustainable business solutions. NGN provides a full spectrum of custom software development services.Besides, we have an experienced team who is dedicated to provide the most sustainable and cost effective solutions for broadcasting companies.We are to endeavoring to penetration of data networks, multimedia, new and hybrid infrastructures as well as Intelligent services whole over the country specifically in deprived areas and of course extending our business globally.

Fully accessible

Flip can be fully accessible at all times have at their disposal.

Reduce your costs

Flip reduce your travel costs.

Safe journey with Flip

Flip trip with safe and secure experience.

Flip Anywhere and Anytime is at your service to help you to get a taxi just by one click on your mobile. hoose your location then your destination, see trip cost and send your request. Payments can easily done in cash, online or by user Flip account credit. Our 24/7 support is observing driver’s trips and location continuously and our call center will be available for you at any time.

Your comments
  • Amir

    I started driving with Flip because I liked the idea that my own car could make me money. After just about a couple weeks, I saw that this was something I wanted to do permanently.

  • Alireza

    I wanted something where I could meet new people and get out of the house. Flip has helped with both of those things, plus I’m seeing new parts of the city I’ve never seen before!

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